2017 NWC Photo Contest Entries - North Woods Conservancy Photo Contest
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Seven Mile Sunset by Andrew Steinke

Seven Mile Sunset by Andrew Steinke

My girlfriend and I were driving around the Keweenaw on my birthday,
and as the day was drawing to a close I wanted to find a good spot to
watch the sun set. I looked at my map and saw Seven Mile Point park.
It seemed promising so we drove over there, parked our car, and walked
down the short trail to the beach. The area was pristine and naturally
beautiful, and as I walked out onto the rocky outcroppings I knew this
would be a great spot to take some pictures. I setup my tripod as my
girlfriend hunted for rocks on the beach. I snapped a few photos,
including this contest entry, as the warm rays of light illuminated the
beach's rocks. Upon returning to the parking lot, I talked with the
friendly park host for a while. He told me about the park and the NWC
organization, and also gave me some tips for camp spots that night.
Overall this was a great place to watch the sun set over Lake Superior,
and I will definitely be returning in the future.