2016 NWC Photo Contest Winners! - North Woods Conservancy Photo Contest
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Winner of Honorary Category - Searching the Cosmos by Quinn Kaspriak. Taken at Gratiot River County Park.

Photographer's story: With the news of strong Northern Lights spreading through the Michigan Tech campus, a group of outdoor enthusiasts traveled north to find a place to view the amazing auroras. The river provided calm pools that reflected the auroras’ light, creating a very beautiful, peaceful landscape. It was very windy, so capturing the lights and trees sharply was quite tricky. Being able to enjoy the beautiful Upper Peninsula with friends who appreciate the nature made it a trip to remember.  This shot was inspired by a friend who noticed that the light from his flashlight was very visible with all of the mist in the air from the Lake Superior waves.
Judge's comments: A quintessential moment on the shores of Lake Superior. Creative and exceptionally well executed. How lucky to be there at that moment. All the elements of a winner.
When asked: What draws you to the Keweenaw? What do you like most?, Quinn replied, "Having a beautiful place with so much natural beauty to escape to and enjoy is what draws me to the Keweenaw. What I love the most about the Keweenaw is the many forms of natural beauty in one place. Being able to enjoy Lake Superior, waterfalls, mountains, and the northern lights all in one place makes it very special to me. "

From 2016 NWC Photo Contest Honorary Category- Spirit of the North Woods