2016 NWC Photo Contest Winners! - North Woods Conservancy Photo Contest
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Second Place - Autumn Begins by Dennis Hake. Taken at Seven Mile Point.

Photographer's story: Autumn Begins: red maple, pine and white birch.
Judge's comments: One might look at this image as a static moment, but it is not. The leaves change rapidly. This lovely moment between summer and autumn is a defining period seen in the contrasts between orange, green and vertical white birch. Nicely balanced with exceptional color.
When asked : What draws you to the Keweenaw? What do you like most?, Dennis replied, "An author that I admire, Sigurd Olsen, has commented that no one is a complete person, until they find that place, or places, where they may quietly sit and contemplate the nature of things, and how we as humans fit into that system. I recognize parts of the Keweenaw as some of the places that he was talking about."

From 2016 NWC Photo Contest Entries