2016 NWC Photo Contest Winners! - North Woods Conservancy Photo Contest
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First Place - Thunder Spray by Dennis Hake. Taken at Seven Mile Point

Photographers story: I shot this scene after a beautiful afternoon walk on the beach from 5-mile point to 7-mile point. It was a sublime experience that everyone should have the chance to experience.
Judges comments: This image is an iconic image of the Point capturing a moment we all look forward to on a breezy day. It has all of the good elements. Composition, balance, sharp, excellent color...a truly beautiful image with action and life!
When asked : What draws you to the Keweenaw? What do you like most?, Dennis replied, "I've always been attracted to the natural world, being fascinated by the myriad interconnections of life, climate and topography, and especially attracted to the wilder places. … With the decline of mining and industry, and the growth of tourism, the Keweenaw has reinvented itself as a semi-wilderness, with many, many wild and scenic vistas, the most compelling of which is Lake Superior. The wild character of the Lake, its many moods, the ever changing light, the seemingly remote "out on the edge" nature of it is very appealing to us. And, of course, the micro-climate that it produces, the cool, damp air, makes the conifer forests of the Keweenaw possible. What do we most like about the Keweenaw? As mentioned above, Lake Superior is a big factor. The many, many water views are sublime. The highly varied geology is so extensive and fascinating. Natural preserves such as the North Woods Conservancy, or the Michigan Nature Association and their Estivant Pines preserve are very attractive. It is somewhat difficult to convey to others, one's attraction to the "Lonesome Places" on our planet. Perhaps it's a wish to harken back to an earlier, simpler time."

From 2016 NWC Photo Contest Entries